B.O.S.S. (Beginning of Season Social

(Beginning Of Season Social)
Pickleball Mixer

Loveland Pickleball Club extends a warm invitation to all members to join us for the BOSS Pickleball Mixer on Saturday, May 19 from 8 – 2 at Mehaffey Park.

This is a free event for all LPC members  to kick off the summer season, meet new members and say hello to old friends.

We can only accept 48 players for this event. So be sure and sign up as soon as you can.  Depending on the number of participants, there will be divisions of play. Hopefully we have enough interest that we can split the day into a.m. play and afternoon play.

This is a social mixer, so we will change partners for every game and the winners will be decided by the accumulated points earned for that division.

Lunch will be provided for participating players and their spouse (partner).

You need to do one thing right away!!
Sign up and let us know if you are coming.  Please email Sue T at
Now this is IMPORTANT…..

Please email her with your name, ranking (we will try and stick to that, but no guarantees), phone number and if you and your spouse or partner will be joining us for lunch.

Remember sign up early before the May 12 deadline so you have a spot to play in the B.O.S.S.!!


March 2018 Update

Attention all Northern Colorado Pickleball players!

Now that February is upon us, it’s time to be thinking about outdoor play for the summer.  As you all know, even with four additional courts being opened at Centennial Park in 2017, court space continues to be in high demand. There are already several small groups getting organized that will be reserving court space this summer.  I will not be surprised if we get to May and find that Monday through Friday mornings have been reserved at both parks!

As we continue to work with City officials on the creation of additional courts, it is VERY helpful to show the city the growth in Club membership.  I hope you will all consider joining the LPC as we continue our efforts to get more courts build in Loveland!

With that in mind, we’re ready to announce Loveland Pickleball Club plans for the summer 2019 season!

  • We are increasing our court reservations! From May through mid-September:
    • The Club will be reserving Monday and Wednesday mornings at Mehaffey Park for open play.
    • The Club will be reserving Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Centennial Park for open play.
    • The Club will be reserving Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Mehaffey Park
  • We are increasing tournament play!
    • We are planning a Spring Mixer at Mehaffey Park on May 12
    • We are planning our Club Championship Tournament at Mehaffey Park on September 15
  • We are increasing our training efforts in order to become better at our game.
    • Details are still pending, but we plan to conduct regular Skills and Drills sessions where we will work on specific skill development.
    • We are planning to host two Intro to Pickleball classes again this summer.These free classes are open to the public to teach very basic fundamentals of pickleball.We’ll follow up with sessions that will only be open for these new people to become regular players.

And, best of all, we will be able to do all of this with no increase in annual Club dues!

Dues will remain at $20 again this year.

We were able to establish a checking account over the winter, so we will be able to accept checks made payable to Loveland Pickleball Club.  Cash also works.  All dues MUST be accompanied by a current 2018 membership form. Everyone needs to fill out a 2018 form.  Forms can be turned in to either Bob Monroe or Sue Topolnicki and dues paid at any time.  Your 2018 membership is valid until May 30, 2019.

Download and print the 2018 LPC Membership Form from our website.
Click on “Join the Club” and you’ll find the form there.

We will be able to accommodate guests for a $2 daily fee, but only as space allows.  If we have full courts with members, we will NOT be able to allow any guests to join in play that day.  I expect this to be the norm in 2018.

A couple of additional benefits to Club membership:

  • I have received an order of yellow Onix Pure 2 outdoor balls. Your cost is 3 balls for $7. Contact Bob if you’d like to purchase some.
  • Jason Aerni will once again offer a 10% discount on Selkirk paddles.If you’re interested in getting a new paddle, contact Jason directly at Jason.aeri@simplot.com

LPC News Update

Happy New Year!

The LPC has a few news updates that we’d like to share  with you at the beginning of the new year.

  1. The LPC has opened a checking account with First Bank.  We will now be able to accept checks for any payments to the Club.  You will no longer have to make all payments in cash!
  2. We have made reservations for two tournaments in 2018.  The first will be a Spring kickoff mixer to held at Mehaffey Park on Saturday, May 19.  The second will be our end-of-season Championship Tournament.  Also at Mehaffey Park on Saturday, September 15.  Mark your calendars!
  3. The Club will be reserving courts at both Mehaffey and at Centennial for the summer of 2018.  Stay tuned for details, dates and times.

Indoor Play for winter

Indoor play is available in two Loveland locations, MUVFitness and Chilson Senior Center.

In general, play at MUV is available from 7am until 1pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Most players are there from 10am to noon.

The regular hours at Chilson are Sunday 11-1:30, Monday and Thursday 1:30 to 3:30, Tuesday and Wednesday 6am to 9am and Friday evening from 6:30 to 9pm.  Schedule is subject to change when school is not in session.  Check with Chilson for exceptions.

Mehaffey Closed

Please remember that the courts at Mehaffey Park will be closed on Monday, May 22 from 6am until 4pm for power washing.  Courts should be available after 4 for anyone who wants to drop by.

Important Administrative Note!

Two things:

  1. Please be sure that you are not putting chalk on any tennis courts anywhere in the city.  I’m sure no one in the LPC has been doing this, but the city is blaming us.  So, PLEASE do not chalk any tennis courts.
  2. There should be no chairs set up anywhere within the court areas.  All chairs should be placed outside the courts on cement or grass areas only.

Thanks everyone!